Sketch MultiModal: Online Dating Accessories


Initial Sketches

Went with Idea 2
Concept as explained in video

Initially, I figured in my head that I would need to 2 arduinos (1 for the user- stagnant and 1 for the potential love- portable). But it was only half-way through building the project that I realised even if I was to have 2 arduinos, both of them still need to be bounded together (ref to bottom) so there’s no difference in UX even if just used 1 arduino. Which was when my project reduced quite significantly and became hardware heavy instead- led to my problems stemming from hardware management.

First lesson of the day, don’t be rough. In attempt to put the “necklace” over my head, I tore the vibration motor. Trying to put the devices around me also meant I couldn’t conceal a huge bulk of wire and I needed to make a lot of “long” wire to be able to reach from the controller to the user’s neck. Mess.

Decided to make an accessory box instead.


  • Bringing it forward, an aspect i can look into is, after realising that something doesn’t go according to plan, is to be flexible enough to trial it as something else. In this case, the necklace into maybe perhaps a belt. Working with what I have and improvising along the way.
  • There needs to be a way for the user to know what the different output means. So say if someone likes your photo, the ring would light up but when the user sees it- what is going to hint them to make that association? (something very simple i can think of is maybe-literally a heart pendant/gem that likes up for a ‘like’ or since the ‘super like’ icon is a star- maybe a motor could move in the direction of how you would draw a star)
  • Hardware UI to screen based UI

Sketch Multimodal

IDEA 1 – Office Space
imagine 2 co-workers trying to communicate with each other discretely 

  • Pen lifting up and down – “Call me”
  • Pen spinning in the pen holder – “10 more min to lunch!!!”
  • Pen holder vibrating – “Boss is walking over!!”

IDEA 2 – PhyDigital Dating Space
when all you can think about is whether anyone liked, started a chat, superliked etc etc you on Tinder

  • Earrings pulled down – “comment”
  • Necklace starts rotating – “like”
  • Mask gets pulled down – “chat”
  • Feeling wind – “super like”

IDEA 3 – Fighting Couple needs talking
you’re in bed but can’t go to sleep because you need to talk to the person who you fought with, who also happens to be in the same bed as you

  • 3 Red LEDs – “let’s talk”
  • 2 Red LEDs – “yes”
  • 1 Red LEDs – “no”
  • 3 Green LEDs – “sleeping?”
  • ETC