Low-fidelity prototype


  • Front Back tracking
  • Had to lift my whole hand to change the angle of the servo
  • Couldn’t have my wrist in place and just adjust my hand
  • After inserting both motors to track both front-and-back and also 360 (in which this case still 180 because using servo), the motors are going CRAZZYYY until I use just 1 finger. Likely because its taking coordinates of all 5 fingers. But, still an issue was even though just 1 finger was stuck out, the leap motion is still trying to its best to get readings of all fingers.

  • Kinda works
  • Looks very rigid and tried using a board and a bead to simulate the game for now,
    realised UX might be abit confusing. because the bead starts off being still on the board so no point in moving your hand if the goal of the game is to balance the ball on the plane for as long as possible

After consultation:

  • DC motor might not be the most practical because cant control angle of rotation, only controls the count of rotation- in which needs sensors to send feedback also
  • Build a more stable structure, have the motors screwed on!
  • Adjust the code such that if the movement is too small, the values wont be sent over to arduino- to clean up the jerky-ness
  • Webcam to detect where the ball is , to start and stop timer

Final Pitch: BALLance

Previous pitch: https://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/ho0011an/final-project-pitch-build-me-up/
Short recap Basically, I was too fixated on the idea of using weighing scale as the input just because I wanted that specific aspect to tie the project to the theme ‘Distant Body‘. But, overall, the initial pitch didn’t really make sense and I was left off with the question- what more can you do with ‘reflection’? & advised to do experiments first.

So- that’s what I did.

Using TouchDesigner, I tried to move a red line to where there is motion.

Trying to replicate Daniel Rozin’s trash mirror but on a digital screen. This led to a couple of random ideas.

Brief explanations on some ideas
Idea 2 Thinking along the lines of trying to create a tangible user interface perhaps where the physical ball is able to move according to the projected graphics or vice versa where the projected graphics changes according to the placement of the ball.
Idea 3 Maybe a screen based device and user can manipulate the graphics in ‘3D’ space?
Could be in a form of 2 screens or maybe 1 screen but with acrylic to give a hologram look

What Harvey Moon said: “you don't need disguise or unreal or stype to do the virtual production stuff. you can do it…

Posted by TouchDesigner on Saturday, 26 September 2020

Idea 4 Individual modules will move up to replicate the shapes of what is detect on the webcam. EG pin needle toy

With all these ideas, I was further challenged to do something with the ball. To perhaps make it into a game.

So after deliberating more, my final sketch idea is an expansion of Idea 4.

It going to be a game and the only goal is: control the plane, remotely with your palm, such that the ball stays on the plane for as long as possible. Time starts when the hand is detected and stops once the ball drops off the plane. Longest time = Highest on the score board.


Arduino IDE

L298n driver + Dual/Double Shaft DC Motor + Single Shaft DC Motor
Arduino UNO

Week breakdown of tasks: