In-class exercise: Project 3 Re-visit

Project 3:

  1. Rhythm
    Background music: there is a sense for rhythm in the background track after o:12, its a beat made by the drum
    this was used to establish a sense of anxious-ness because time was running out
    Visually: repeated occurrences of 90s references can be seen throughout the video such as windows pop-up, blue’s clue etc.
  2. Movement
    in this film, you can see that theres a lot of exaggerated movements, when my avatar was shocked, my avatar WAS SHOCKED. there was a lot of pacing up and down together was hands gestures to show anxious-ness too.
    As for camera movement, I didn’t manage to do it Brooklyn99, The Office style because I was on a tripod. But I did attempt on sense types of shot instead, such as wide, mid, tight shots.
  3. Causality
    I think there was clear causality in terms of playing the game: upon finding the clue, you gain a point. I think what was unexpected was when the timer ended even before I found all clues.
  4. Duration
    Even though we were given leeway of more than 1 min, i felt i could tell my story within a minute so I stuck with the project brief expected duration of 1min.

In-Class Assignment: 10sec Performance Art

What would engage me? What would I want to watch, hear, taste , feel, smell? (experience)

Brainstorm of events that last about 10 seconds:

  1. Taking 2 big gulps of bubble tea
  2. Bending down to take my drink from the vending machine
  3. Opening the ferrero rocher wrapper
  4. For a popsicle to stop smoking heavily
  5. To finish pouring the bingsoo milk
  6. Wait for the polaroid to finish developing
  7. To finish chewing on a pearl
  8. Pluck my earpiece in and start listening to music
  9. To finish putting mascara
  10. Putting on lip tint
  11. Deciding how to pose for a photo


I decided to use the time taken to gather for a photo to represent 10 seconds because I wanted everyone to feel an emotion during the 10s. By inducing a common goal of being in the photo, I manage to get everyone to have a sense of togetherness and engagement during just a short span of 10s.

The final photo that came out:

In-Class Exercise: Soundwalking

Fenella and I worked together to record the following 20 sounds: 

Personally, my favourite were 7. tearing of the toilet paper and 14. flipping of pages in a book. That is because they seem  to give off the feeling on tension which is often not associated with sounds. Hence the physical attribute of these 2 sounds gave off an intangible feeling.

Overall, there were both organic sounds such as sounds made by humans, and also inorganic, mechanic sounds such as the narrator in the elevator or the beeping sound. All of which evoke different emotions and feelings.

In-Class Exercise: Sound is

Munch, Fenella and I worked on:
The Story

Thoughts and reflection:
My group chose to believe that sounds could also be tied to emotions and even have a metaphorical element to it. With that we decided to make it a story based on family interactions. We told the story in 3 perspective, silence which comes from a personal point of view, noise creating the setting using environmental sounds and listening as a form of respond and actions taken in the story.

If we had more time, I would definitely have liked to clean up the poem by having more interactions with people of the family through the various sounds because characters such as the grandma was only mentioned once.

Brainstorming Ideas – Ice Cube

The object I picked out was Ice Cube.

The research process:

This is a quick sketch on how I would have removed, replaced or redefined certain properties of the ice cube:

This is a quick sketch on how I would have associated an ice cube with the given verbs.

Exercise 1: Scaling and Framing

Wide shot: features her surroundings- a rather still setting, sitting on a stool, she’s alone

emotions intended to evoke: solemn, hint of sadness 

Mid shot: features only her waist up, back view, gaze of her eyes is looking down, hair

emotions intended to evoke: not affected, in fact a little apathetic to whats around her, wishes not for any interaction

Tight shot: opened eyes, sunlight hitting her forehead

emotions intended to evoke: revived energy