Neighbourhood Explorer – Exploration

If I’m gonna make a zine about Serangoon, I have to explore it obviously.

I went there about 3 times! It’s not because I like it there (not that I despise it tho), but lots of bad things happened which in the end cost me time and energy to visit Serangoon several times. But I had fun, especially it is related to food LOL. So, honestly, it’s not that all bad. Also, I went there with my friends so that I could buy lots of treats lel.

So let me share my experience!


Rokeby Cafe



This is the first location I visited. They don’t offer varieties of desserts. A bit expensive for me because I’m a student HAHA. But, the desserts are not bad! The location has this all hipster atmosphere, a very good place to have lunch, because they have large windows so there’s a good warm atmosphere. The foods are arranged aesthetically. Pretty foods + good lighting = instagram likes!


Teddy Waffles with Ice Cream

Ghirardelli Molten Lava with Ice Cream

Tiramisu with Bailey’s Irish Cream

Kooks Creamery


I have to say, they serve ice cream in the best way that any of us can have — on a molten cookie. It’s super good but my friend’s camera is dead (and I have no camera)  so the picture quality is damn bad. Yes, we use our phones. The place is a bit small, however, it also has this hipster decor. It was cozy for us because when we went there, there are no customers in the shop. But, it won’t be the same if lots of people came.  They only sell ice creams or ice cream on the top of the molten cookie. However, the ice cream flavors are pretty unique. And did I mention that the cookie contains melted chocolate that flows if you put the ice cream on it? YES, it is so good.

Ice cream Flavors

Chocolate molten cookie + single scoop of Speculoos flavored ice cream

Plain Jane Cafe


Seriously, this place is damn aesthetic. All white and with all those plants and wooden objects, it is the destination for people who likes to do photo shoots. They offer varieties of cafe-ish drink like coffees, tea, etc. For the desserts, what they offer is pretty much only swiss rolls. BUT, they have unique tastes and it is very good.

Actually, the documentation for this location was lost. But then, my friend suddenly found it after I finished my zine design, which is why I didn’t feature this place :””((

Raspberry Swiss Roll

Earl Grey Tea Swiss Roll


Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe


VERY RECOMMENDED PLACE, I KID YOU NOT. This is probably the best place I have visited in Serangoon so far. The cafe is also aesthetically arranged, such with the different type of chairs for every table. The chill atmosphere makes you don’t want to leave. The ceiling is covered with glass, so the sun could shine into the cafe. They also display their desserts, which is very mouth-watering. They don’t only offer desserts, they offer lunch, dinner, and even breakfast menu that could only be ordered in the morning. Of course, though, their specialty is their desserts (please. look at the cafe’s name.). They offer various desserts in various ways. Not that expensive, but definetly worth it.


Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Shirley’s Apple Pie

Molten Lava Cake

So that’s all my exploration for desserts in Serangoon! It was fun, indeed. Finally, I get to enjoy life and moreover, it’s related to my project. No guilt for this trip lol

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