Project 3 Ego – Final Outcomes

YAY! Finally finished with the final submission for this class! I’m pretty proud of the final results. I used digital art as the platform. Considering it’s been 6 years since I last touched my pen tablet, I’ve done really well #slay.  The outcome came out really good, at least for me. So, here it is!


2 + 11 = 8

This is the first equation came up with. This equation describes the  current me. So the general idea is “When an ADM student wasted most of his/her time, he/her will ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish his/her submissions.” Well, yea I love to waste most of my time to meet up with my friends. I neglect all my responsibilities in an instant if I got a chance to hang out with my friends. This is basically a habit since I don’t know how and I still did it even after I got into NTU.

Here’s a closer look:





4 + 12 = 3

The second row is about my past. So, when I was a 6-year-old kid, I used to be a girly girl. Yep, I loved pink so much and I did ballet so yea pretty girlish, right? But, I have 2  brothers and they always played with each other because of their same concept of “fun”. So, I tried to fit in by liking what they like. And they also always teased me which made me learned a manly way to fight back instead of told them off to my mom. Yeah, we used to fight a lot. All of these turned me into a boyish girl, but no, I don’t hate the “me” right now.

Here’s a closer look:





7 + 6 = 9

This row describes on how I felt lately. Yes, lately I am tired, stressed , and unmotivated. Most of the stress came from all of the submissions from ADM (not gonna lie). I complain a lot, to my family, friends, or maybe even myself LOL.  All I need is a vacation, a getaway to relieve my stress. If I got this chance, I would get motivated again. I would be ready to fight and struggle again in life.

Here’s a closer look:





1 + 10 = 5

And the last row, it tells on how I’m facing the future now. I am a dreamer. I dreamt about lots of things, especially to become an artist or a designer. I’ve always wondered how will I be able to reach my dreams, since, for me, it is a very high dream and a long way to go. Then, NTU offered me an opportunity to study arts at it’s School of Art, Design, and Media. I was so happy because I got this chance to study in a really good school. This is the first step for me to reach my dreams because I have no art background. So, I accepted their offer and I’m currently on a journey to reach my dreams!

Here’s a closer look:





2 + 11 = 8

4 + 12 = 3

7 + 6 = 9

1 + 10 = 5

So here’s the overview of all the designs I made. If you noticed, there are lots of colors for the whole project. The color for the background of each drawing is different. And, YES. Did you realize that the color progressed from the top to the bottom like a rainbow? I made it that way to show that my life is colorful, it is not stagnant, and damn, I love it. Rainbow usually is used to portray happiness, and that’s pretty much what life gave to me.

SO TADAH that’s all of it! I’ll be posting the progress and t main ideas for each drawings as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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