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Editorial Illustration – Pencil Composition

After all those research, I came up with my initial compositions. I admit that they are pretty direct since I initially didn’t really take satire illustrations as a consideration. I was more into the style and story-telling, which did not represent the irony. So after some class sessions, I found an idea. That is to portray a quote into the… Read more →

Neighbourhood Explorer – Process and Final Outcome

First of all, the colors. The four main colors are pink, blue-ish turquoise (?), white, and brown. But, for the brown color, it’s more for the foods, because most desserts I feature are all brown. First of all the characters. I thought a lot about this one. I was thinking to make two characters, one guy and one girl. But… Read more →

Project 2 Gallery

“Close your eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream. That’s how I get by.” – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, 2007 “The suit is a modern gentleman’s armor and we’re the new knights.” – Kingsman, 2014 “First rule of magic: Always be the smartest guy in the room.” -Now You See Me, 2013 “A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.” -The Avengers, 2012 Read more →

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