Serangoon Zine Research + Slides

For my second and last project this semester, I was allocated to do Zine about Serangoon. I heard it’s a good place and very resourceful, which became a chance for me to FINALLY explore Singapore! Yayyy. But for the presentation on week 8, I didn’t present much since during recess week I went back to Indonesia. So, here are the slides!



So my first concept for this project is making a food journal. Such as what did I eat, where, and how does the food taste. I was considering using either watercolor or photography as the platform.



Then, I went to Serangoon for the second time to do my research (to enjoy foods also lmao). It was fun! And I developed my idea. Instead of making it either photography or drawing, I decided to do both. I got inspired from this instagram artist with username @kaiami.


I want my character(s) to be small so the food will be larger than them. And I want them to interact with the foods and also speak how they (well, me actually) feel about those foods. I will probably add some doodles on the photos also to make it more cartoon-ish and to blend the photos more with the characters.

And by the way, I decided to make my theme “desserts”. So I thought cute small characters will fit so well! I won’t try to make the characters to realistic, since the point is to make the audience aware the presence of this fictional characters and how they are so different and unfit, yet makes it more interesting and peculiar.

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