PROJECT 1 A Line is a Dot that went for a Walk

Final Presentation




The emotion ‘Exhausted’ means something that is used and worn out. Something that is spend or depleted. To present that meaning, the gauze is stretched, expanded and pulled into threads. The first sample was one with only holes on the gauze. The second with threads pulled out. To avoid a consistent and methodical pattern, the final strip has uneven holes on the left and slowly towards the right the pulled out threads appear.




The word ambiguous suggest a vague and unclear meaning. Something that is arguable and has more than one interpretation. Many of my classmates were curious as to how the effect was achieved. For this strip, i used the salting technique. Salt is sprinkled onto the layer of watercolour while it is still wet. After the paint dried, simply sweep off the salt. Whats left is the textures shown below. The unclear and unpredictable movement of the water caused by the salt created a coral like textures with dots, a very cloudy and sparse effect.