Research Critique IV: Desktop is.

Few quotes from Alexei Shulgin,

desktop is your window to the digital world 


desktop is your first step into virtual reality 

desktop is a reflection of your individuality

desktop is your everyday visual environment

desktop is an extension of your organs

desktop is the face of your computer

A great question has been asked by Randall in the class,

”Does your desktop reflect your personality?”

If I have to answer, my answer will be YES and NO:

If I am a music lover, I would probably classify all my music library, putting them into different music genres, either managed by iTunes or music folders. Therefore my desktop became my ”music portal” – it reflected my interests and personality(for example the preference of messy or neat music interface).

However, when we discuss ”personality” itself, we are not talking about the ”identity” itself, since personality are always the elements of our ”presence”. Naturally, here comes some more abstract questions:

I. Are we living in the virtual world and actual world simultaneously?

II. Are our virtual world and actual world paralleled?

III. Do we have to live in two separated(or blended) world while acting like a ”same” person?

IV. Some people prefer express our thoughts in the virtual world while others prefer not to do so. So is virtual world influencing our subjectiveness and willingness?

Either positive or negative to our better life, there is just too much information out there, the virtual wold seems became our entrance to random. If I have a choice, I would like to live in the ancient times, instead of using digital signal, interacting with this wild world with my expression and sensation seems more interesting.

Umm, I don’t know. It seems I went back to the fundamental philosophy questions:

Who am I and where I am going ?

If you do know, please show me the way from my messy logic.






Author: Sheng Tao

An exchange student who likes Singapore

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