Mobile exercise # sharing dinner and stories of exchange students

Oh gosh!!! We finally finished this “impossible mission”.   For using this adobe connect, we spend 15 minutes to find the link ; it’s difficult even at the beginning~~~ There are  our tasks’ content : Tommy wants to communicate when running ; I want to cook my dinner simultaneously   First thing to overcome , Tommy is in the outside , but… Read more →

Research Critique V: Jennicam(1997)

  Like famous movie “The Truman Show” , Jennifer Ringley exposes her true life into everyone’ eyes for 8 years . Originally ,Humans  use webcam to document , make available their working process; but some artists try to  make people think about the question or ironically undermine notions of it,as  Jannifer . PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WAITING FOR REAl LIFE TO START , JENNIFER RRINGLEY ,1997 With… Read more →

Research Critique IV: Desktop Theater,Alexei Shulgin, Desktop Is, 1997

  “desktop is your window to the digital world desktop is your first step into virtual reality desktop is a reflection of your individuality desktop is your everyday visual environment desktop is an extension of your organs desktop is the face of your computer desktop is a question desktop is the answer” –Alexei Shulgin, Desktop Is, 1997   So many… Read more →

Project Hyperessay #1:Reportage Blog

  Last Summer vacation, I went to Taitung alone , a unknown & remote city taking 5 hours train from Taipei ; there , I meet plenty of backpackers and every day we share about  stories  they brought from different place ,that’s the most unforgettable period of my life. Hence , in my final project , I desire to retrieve the touching moment of that!!!!!  … Read more →

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