Weekly Device: SignAloud


The SignAloud gloves can translate sign language(American Sign Language) to speech. This helps people who normally have trouble to communicate, such as deaf or mute people. It gives them a voice in a sense.

With sensors on the wrists and hands it can measure movement and position, and which signs are made.  This is then sent via bluetooth to a computer, which then turns it into a phrase, using text to speech.

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Week 1 Device: Smart Mirror

Perseus - The Worlds Smartest Mirror
Perseus – The Worlds Smartest Mirror

With this mirror you can keep up to date with the latest things. You can access the weather, or stream a video of your choice, all while putting on your make up, or just looking at your own miserable face.

It uses a complementery app to adjust what is shown on the mirror, and apparently you can also take 360-degree photos of yourself.


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Perseus – The World’s Smartest Mirror