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  1. Your performance was really amazing Nazu! You seemed really confident on stage although you said you were very nervous. It was like you were really connecting with your audience. Like I told you before, I didn’t know this was a guy’s song. You pulled it off so well with your rendition! You have great breath support and control of your voice in terms of pitch and tone. In my honest opinion, yours was one of the best performances. (:

  2. Hi Nazurah! Like Nurul, I was really amazed by your performance! Your articulation was really great and I was really impressed by how clean your vocal runs were! On top of that, I felt that whenever you changed your vocal register from your chest voice to your head voice, it was done in a very smooth and effortless manner! For example, you sang “diri kamu” in your song. “Diri Ka-” was done in your chest voice and you transited into your head voice for mu~~~ really really well! I was really entertained by your character on stage as well! You made good use of your hands in conveying the emotions of the song so even though I didn’t understand the lyrics, I was still entertained throughout!

  3. Hello Nazu!

    I totally fell in love with the song after listening to your performance! You are an extremely stable performer in terms of your stage presence and the stability of your notes. I think that your voice is really versatile and after hearing you sing, I can think of multiple genres of music that you will be able to pull off. You have good support and this showed when you reached the higher notes of the song. Just like Jee Kinn, I thought that your articulation was on point! Amazing job!

  4. Hi Nazurah,

    I have to say, yours was one of the best performances in our class! I really enjoyed that you did a Malay song. Although I didn’t understand the lyrics, I still felt the emotions of the song because you were very expressive (that little laugh though!). I feel like you have great control over your voice as your transitions between chest voice and falsetto were very smooth and effortless. The tone of your voice really suited the ebb and flow of the song as well! I can tell that you put effort and technique into the song by your crescendos and decrescendos. Keep up the good work!!

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    I really, really enjoyed your performance! I listened to the original version and I really wish I had a full version of yours! You can see how much you enjoyed your performance or at least singing the song even if you put down your glasses ๐Ÿ˜€ At least, it seemed like you felt pretty comfortable on stage and with the mic.ย  You had great breath support and control of your voice and it pitched perfectly. Also, the change between high and low notes was en point!
    ? You really entertained the audience and it was a pleasure to listen to your song!

  6. Hey Nazu!! Like what others said, I too find your performance one of the best in class! Your vocal tone suits this song a lot and I felt that your lower registers were great! Although I do not understand Malay, I could tell that your enunciation was on point as well!! Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful song! You did a great job and all the best for finals hahaha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hey Nazu!! I totally loved your presentation – it was so entertaining and engaging! Your expressions and way of singing pulled people into the emotions of the song, and it was so cute! You were on pitch the whole way, and the articulation was great too (even though I don’t understand Malay). There was dynamics throughout the song, which made it even engaging – especially parts where you transit from the verse to the chorus and back! Your transitions from low to high notes were really smooth and every note was well-support so good job! I really loved the performance, maybe you can consider having your own channel!

  8. Hi Nazurah! You never fail to amaze me with your beautiful voice and talent hehe. I felt that you really captured the essence of the song, conveyed the emotions really well and impeccable control in your transition and dynamics!

  9. NAZU!

    I do not understand malay and yet I loved your performance the most in class!
    The chuckle in the middle of your rendition was a welcome surprise from wonderful vocal chops and a thoroughly engaging performance. The way you approached the stage and your audience was captivating, confident and charismatic. With your wonderful tone and melodic qualities, you”ll truly never walk alone(:

  10. Nazurah! What else can I say? You have a sweet tone to your voice that makes me wanna sing along as I hear you sing (you can see me mouthing the words by the side hahaha). And the fact that I wasn’t all that familiar with the words but still wanted to sing along reflected the friendly and welcoming aura and warmth projected from your singing (: This takes me back to when I first heard “More than Words” from your Teacher’s Day performance in secondary school…GOOSEBUMPS!!! Voice and breath control was flawless as supported from your seamless transition to the high notes ((((: KAU BUATKU TERPAKU XD

  11. Hello!

    I feel that my performance could be more stable toward the end. At the start I was nervous, hence I took out my spectacles to avoid making eye contact and develop stage fright. I thought hard about the words and dynamics and made sure I absorbed the emotions of the song well. I also thought hard about breathe support. I got really nervous as i transition into chorus as I had to switch to my head register to hold some notes. I feel that I should not overthink too much during the first part.

    Second part, I laughed to connect with the lyrics that said “I laughed as I feel like I’m going insane”. I got nervous as I nearly forgot the lyrics. I started to get shaky and my pitching was not well controlled for one part. And after that, I also choked and hence couldn’t hold a note longer. Finally, I struggled to have a command on my final high notes, that I feel that I could have done better by supporting more. Hence, I feel like my second part had more blunders.

    Overall, I really feel like i have put in a lot of effort into the performance. I didn’t focus on the audience hence stage fright didn’t get the better of me. This i think played a part in helping me in my performance ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Hey Nazu, I really really enjoyed your performance too! You have the ability to hold the attention of the audience with your voice and aura on stage, I was really blown away haha. Despite being nervous before going up, I felt that you were confident and took control of the stage. Your tone is smooth and clear, and you have very good control of your voice. Like you said, there were small parts of the second half of your performance where it seemed like you struggled to sustain the notes longer, but I truly enjoyed the song, thanks for singing this!

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