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Project 1 I Illusion Research and Experimentation

Sourced for some inspiration from Shigeo Fukuda’s illusion works where he uses typography as a space/form to create illusions. One thing I’ve realised is that he often uses hands and legs to create such illusions and one of the reasons I think is because both have two rather straight lines which makes it easier to connect.. He also played with plane lines to create different perspective/illusions. Such effect instantly make me think of Monument Valley, which is an optical puzzle game that has this effect but in a 3D version. (It’s super addictive plus it has very nice and simple graphics!)


Meanwhile, printed one of the design to test out how well the illusion would work on paper and I realised that lighting plays a part in the contribution towards how well it can be seen. When it is placed directly under the light, the text can’t be seen as clearly (up closed) as compared to it being placed somewhere slightly far from the direct light. Another thing is, the text can be seen rather easily thus I’ve adjusted it to make it harder to see.

Took some pictures of the first experiment (A2 size, without the adjustment yet).

20160217_190810   20160217_190752   20160217_190920