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Research Paper – Intro + Paragraphs

Guo Xi’s and Katsushika Hokusai’s landscape artworks are the amalgamation of each individual personal experience and expression of nature and their respective philosophies towards the natural world. Both Guo Xi and Hokusai’s landscape artworks serves as a form of meditative art as it leaves the viewers to interpret the work as they wish limited by their own imagination which could relieve emotional stress, hence separating them from the truth and reality of their daily lives, momentarily.
(Do I need to add in visual evidence here or can I do it at the subsequent paragraphs?)
Despite sharing similar philosophies of asserting their ideal reality which are mentally constructed in their minds onto their artworks, the execution and purposes of each artist’s work is largely different in terms of not only the selected medium choices but also their views and play on perspectives. 


First Paragraph :


  1. Benji,
    You are starting with your claim. In fact, your introduction begins with two interpretive statements. Please start wide. Then, slowly narrow down to your thesis statement. You also need to introduce your artworks separately. Give some visual evidence that led you to your claim.
    Your current claim, the bold-faced one is too general–you can say that about anything. Please show me something new tomorrow for your introduction, claim, plan, and paragraphs (1 on similarities and 1 on differences).
    Hope this helps,