ASSIGNMENT 7 & 8 (Part 2)


  1. MRT 

At these 3 different points, commuters’ behavior and attitude changes. Outside the train, they feel frustrated and annoyed, they want people to move in so they can board the train. However once they are in the train, these feelings of anxiousness and angst fades away and they no longer feel the need and drive to move into the cabin. 

The idea is to replace these windows with screens.

Commuters will be able to see what was it like for them moments ago when they were queuing, see the crowded situation in the entire mrt or see selected shows or news that will entice them to move in to look at the videos.

2. SMART lunchbox

To help health conscious people or people with special dietary requirements be more aware with what they are eating. Specially designed lunch boxes can have screen at the bottom that they can track what they are eating while eating. The screen at the base reveals essential nutritional values that can be personalized to prevent over or under eating.

3.  One man OMNI Theater


Using a one man tent and advanced projection/touch screen interfaces, people living in the stressful cities can spend every night sleeping in whatever environment they want. In summary, it’s a one man omni theater that can teleport you to anywhere in the world, to be immersed there.

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