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Project 1: Alter Ego

[Note: The following work process is recorded in a chronological manner.  A lengthy post ahead!]

I have always watched films as form of escapism and was more keen for characters (and plots) that were starkly contrasting to who I am. Nevertheless, I had slowly recapped the films I’ve watched and read new books to look for characters that ‘share a special affinity with me’

[Fictional Character]

4) Ben Whittaker –The Intern (2009)

3) Huang Brothers – Fresh off the Boat

2) Amélie Poulain – Amèlie (2001)

1) This random Thai girl from a commercial by MetLife Asia: My Dads Story – Dream for My Child



[Famous Figure/ Public Figure]

4) Khaled Hosseini – Author

3) Warren Buffet – Billionaire

2) Jeannette Walls – Author of The Glass Castle & Columnist

1) Liu Wen – Model

[People I know]

3) Natalie

2) Zihan

1) Paula

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-24-41-am screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-25-32-am screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-25-52-am

After contemplating, I decided to pick Paula and Liu as my character as they would form a more interesting relationship.

Paula, being a teenager and on her way to becoming an adult, had lots of insecurities and questions about her future.

Liu, on another, was at the peak of her career and often seek for advice and interviewed for her unique experiences.

Their experiences would compliment one another.



During our adolescent years, we would have lots of insecurities and questions about our future. It’s not wrong to ponder about these questions but when we get older, we would eventually realise that these questions were unnecessary, albeit inevitable. It’s more important to live in the present.

Plot (still working on)

Gathering information for her thesis paper on celebrity entrepreneurship, 21-years old Paula was made to interview Liu Wen, a successful model-turned-business-women.

Visual hints:

Reading materials: Young Paula reads self help books on securing a bright future while Liu reads memoirs.

Body Language: Paula is excited and also nervous about screwing up the interview. Liu, on another hand, is rather composed.

Reference for the transformation from adolescent to adulthood (ie outfits and behaviour).

As the show revolves about a boy through his adolescent years, it would be fit to reference for the visual changes in the protagonist as (s)he gets older.

Reference for cinematography for interview scene:

(Bright Star, 2009)

Reference for Liu’s character (as an senior being interviewed)

Translated version:

Final Work

[Edit: Updated the old video link with a HD version.]