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Creative Industry Report ~ Jun Lin

Jun Lin is a young multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Los Angeles who brings physicality into her written work. Jun’s integrated forms of visuals and text as part of her creative process is something I found very inspirational.

For Jun, it was not visuals but words that first sparked her interest in graphic design. She began her studies in foreign languages and literature in Taipei which led to countless snippets of loose thoughts and writings which she wasn’t sure what to do with. Following that, she found an interest in photography and editorial design which aided her creative direction to complement her existing words. Progressively, she learned about the power of typography, colour, paper stock and scale combined; how every delicate creative decision informs the way words are understood which reminds me of my personal learning takeaways at adm.


Her projects as described in my presentation, explores topics of speech empowerment and language perception. Through Format, a project of her’s that I admire, Jun imagines what “experimental and conceptual publishing can be in the digital age – as publications come out in unconventional formats to create new experiences” She also set out to create a fictional publisher that could release playful publications. “What are the differences between reading in print and on the web?” is a question that she explored. In response to this question, she designed the scroll, a 400 inch long scroll printed on bond paper that is also available in web format.

Throughout it all, I found her approach very inspiring as someone who might be too focused on the final outcome at times. I admire how she pushes the boundaries of looking at what the future of publishing might hold and work towards her concepts, also that there are no right or wrong answers but rather possible interpretations. These ideas can be taken into thought as I work towards developing my FYP, referring to her methods of combining texts and visuals to create a sense of storytelling.