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Project 4 ~ Research

Space and Time

In different ways, space and time are organising principles of all art. In the context of films, space and time allow for the inclusion of motion. In the late 19th and early 20th century,  the development of film medium led to a great influence on changing perceptions of space and time.

Measured time

  • Actual, objective, clock time
  • time is quantitatively measured by regularly recurring events of intervals
  • examples: cast shadows, recurring sounds, live durational performances
  1. Linear time – there is a beginning (past) and end (future), the present is always moving forward
  2. Circular time – repeated processes like cycles and seasons which creates continuous outcomes

Experienced time

  • Subjective, psychological, implied or perceived time
  • measured by the attention of the participant

Edited time

  • has been cut up and rearranged
  • can be linear or non-linear
  • linear is mapped out in the order of past, present and future
  • non-linear time can reveal parts of the future mixed in with the past and present
  • examples are montage and time-lapse photography

Biological time

  • a measure of time-related to bodily functions, such as when we feel awake, tired or hungry

Digital time

  • measured in milliseconds and often associated with technology
  • an example is how long a webpage takes to load and how long you feel when it takes longer

Running time

  • the total length of a live event or a video piece
  • running time = plot time

Artist Inspiration 

Singapore Gaga (2005) ” Tan Pin Pin

Singapore GaGa (2005)

“If you see only one Singapore film, let this be it” – TODAY

Subject: Singapore’s aural landscape

Form: A 55 minutes documentary with English and Chinese subtitles

Context: Considering the subject of this film, it is very relevant in the cultural context of Singaporean as well as other races living in Singapore. In relation to audiences outside of Singapore, they can learn a lot about Singapore from this film

Content: This documentary reveals the unique characteristics of Singapore and captures moments that makeup what this country embodies

Asia (2015) ” Will Darbyshire 

Short film created by Youtuber Will Darbyshire

Subject: Asia/Thailand

Form: 2:26 minutes edited short film, montage style

Context: Presence of Thailand’s cultural context, similar to other Asian cultures hence more relatable to audiences from these regions

Content: This video captures characteristics of Thailand whether its the food, people, culture or environment. It has been edited in a way whereby parts of a clip are removed to create a stop-motion like effect with matching audio

Formats from project 3:

  • synesthesia
  • a stream of consciousness
  • experimentation (material/medium)
  • semiotics (signs and signifiers)
  • non-linear editing (flashback/flashforward)
  • movement/choreography