in Project 2 Forrest Gump

F2D: Starting on Forrest Grump

Our second project for Foundation 2D requires us to create a visual narrative that expresses a quote from our chosen movie using only symbols,  symbols, pictograms, dingbats (ornaments), icons and engravings.

I decided to do it based on the movie Passion of Christ (2014). It feels meaningful to work on something that I am passionate in and to express my feelings towards my religion!



1. Jesus: Peter, could you not watch even one hour with me?

2. Jesus: I am the good shepherd.

3. Satan: Do you really believe that one man can bear the full burden of sin?

4. Mary: Why is this night different from other nights?

The ones that are bolded are recommended by Ms Ina to work on. Her advice was that “This might be a bit of challenge as we are crossing into to address these with artistic rigour and without being literal..”, which was something that I had to keep in mind throughout the entire process of creating my designs.

Therefore, to prevent this issue from happening, I then thought of icons that represents the narrative, Christ (which is good) and Sin (which is evil).

Some threshold that I tried and experimented with:


48054526-screw-heads-isolated-on-whitecristo_redentor_-_rio hand-reaching fire-018












I then decided on stick to a single theme (besides the storyline), to express the quote and to really play around with it in order to prevent it from being literal. I then decided on use “games” as a theme.

Here are some game themed stuff that I played with!

wheel_continental1 92826217 bigdartboard-cutout-copy bakjacob_04jenga_tower