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My line is emo: Monoprints

To kickstart our project, we were told to try out monoprints. Monoprinting is pressing an inked plate onto a variety of inks, tools, and items to create different types of prints. The beauty of monoprint is that one can achieve a huge variety of prints by experimenting with different methods, and that no print will ever look similar.

Here is a video example of how monoprints are done!


These are a few samples of my work:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 4.20.27 pm

Digital version of one of my monoprint

IMG_2016-09-04 21:21:04

Masking tape

IMG_2016-09-04 21:20:58


IMG_2016-09-04 21:20:52

Masking tape

IMG_2016-09-04 21:20:45

Largest paper – Fishing line Black piece of paper – Scratching with penknife Paper at bottom right – Baby’s breath flowers

Artpiece done by CY Twombly

I realised that the black piece of paper looks very similar to CY Twombly’s artpiece