Ink, mountains and mystery

Link to the ppt:Ink, mountains and mystery ppt

Honestly, the main point for this presentation is to highlight the use of traditional painting in interactive art.  For example the work done below by the Salvador Dali Museum:


More information and other virtual resources can be found on their website.

Dreams of Dali in Virtual Reality


The reason why I chose the game though is due to the lack of appreciation( I feel) for Chinese or Asian art styles when it comes to learning art.

The game aims to gives life to the painting. The animations I admit it is not that good but they tried to promote and achieve app for Chinese paintings.

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  1. Hi Dan Ning,

    You may want to take a look at a Japanese artist Toshimitsu Imai for transforming the traditional (Japanese panel painting) style into contemporary painting, specifically his series Hommages a Venice, 1995.

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