Relational architecture seems to be a re-contextualizing of certain architecture to give a different narrative from the original and breaking down on the materialization and environment of the buildings to give a different level of meaning to them. By adding different hyperlinks to the areas of a certain architecture Rafael Lozano-Hemmer deconstructs the given meaning of the architecture giving it new meaning and connections. The interesting thing is that people tend to react differently to changes perhaps due to culture differences no matter how similar you try to do it. On the other hand this might be the doing of certain groups of individuals who are enjoying the piece of work. people tend to follow what they see other people doing, so perhaps some of the people in Lisbon started trying to not overlap their shadows with others therefore starting to make people think they weren’t supposed to overlap there shadow or something. The British on the other hand is famous for their drinking culture and sarcasm thus it doesn’t seem to be too far from their culture to have that reaction to the works. It’s good though that the works often revitalizes the neighborhoods that were once quiet. There are things we could do with architecture to reconnect and reintroduce people to each other.