Progress Check

By: KS |

Hey everyone,

We were impressed by the thoughts and the diverse perspectives that went into the assignment. Keep it up, we want more. So, don’t rest on your laurels. Continue to ask questions, refine your concept statements, reveal tensions, investigate behaviours, explore the benefits of technology, test your ideas, and seek out the untold narratives of nature in NTU.

For the next studio session, let’s review and discuss the progress of everyone’s project. Prepare sketches, presentation slides, models, proof of concepts, etc. As a complement, do also touch on a fair level of detail of how it would work/function, how it could be made, list down the considerations or doubts that you may have, and how it relates to the narrative and context of the project site, the project brief, and NTU.

Last but not least, as a side assignment, investigate the meaning and position of sustainability in contemporary society. Look for examples to illustrate your point. You will be asked to discuss this with your peers.


Fabrizio & Ker Siang

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