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Here you will find notes, comments and other references that come up during classes.

3 April

The Interface

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Selected Bibliography

Related Examples

rAndom International – 2012 – Rain Room
Simon Marxen – 2011 – In The Bubble
Physical and body awareness.

Ralf Baecker – 2014 – Mirage
Abstract representation, complex and hidden logic and control of the interface.

Støj – 2017 – Sound-controlled Wolfenstein 3D
Some natural controls can be impractical.

Oblong Industries – 2011 – g-speak [company came out of consultancy service for Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report (2002)]
Natural controls in specific scales are difficult to use.

Pascal Dombis – 2006-2012 – Spin

Jonathan Harris – 2015 – Network Effect
Classic data visualization design + the immensity of the material reveal the complex phenomenology of the Internet.

J. Brandell & G. M. Brower – 2011 – Life in a Day Touchscreen Gallery
The idea of expanding the conventional film structure with crowdsourced, programmatically arranged and interactively manipulable contents was designed to consequently reflect the logic of online video sharing.
It is a highly configurable platform for organizing, sorting and screening the clip sets of all the 80,000 short video submissions to a conventionally scripted and edited crowdsourcing film Life in a Day (dir. by Kevin Macdonald in 2010) which used around 10,000 selected video clips.

13 March


Lecture Slides

I will bring and show you The YouTube Smash Up next Friday.

28 February


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21 February


Lecture Slides

14 February

Tech Requirements Brief

Project Documentation Brief

07 February

Selected Project Ideas References

Stelarc, Stretched Head

Stelarc – 2009 – Stretched Head

Justin Ponmany – 2007

Kolkoz (Samuel Boutruche & Benjamin Moreau) – cca 1996 – Sam 2

Bruce Chechefsky

Golan Levin et al. – 2014 – Augmented Hand Series

ART+COM – 1992 – De-Viewer

Scenocosme – 2011 – Lights Contacts, interactive sound installation using skin electrostatics

Faith Holland – 2011 – Artist’s Statement, runaway statement

Jennifer Steinkamp, large-scale video-based interactive installations


Obsession in New Media Art Lecture

Lecture Slides

17 January

Intro Lecture

Intro Lecture Slides
Project Development Framework

Human Universals List compiled by Donald E. Brown