EyeTracking and Destroy

By: lpd |

Dear Interactive,

the eye tracking and destroy images is due for next week – Sept 22nd. 2014, noon. See http://oss.adm.ntu.edu.sg/2014-dm2000/zerseher-joachim-sauter-1992/

In order to get you going, I have uploaded a starting patch under:


As a result, post a video that show first on one side your eyes moving and on the other side, the image destructed…then after four videos, the eyes moving, the tracked eye date, the smeared image masks and the results….so it becomes a documentation of the work….basically use jit.glue for this !

I also want you to enhance/modify this starting patch:  1) that the x and y coordinates of the eye tracking are better and more accurate,  2) that the smearing / destructing the image will be different 3) play with alpha blend : that the merging of the smearing with the original image will be different/modified.

This emulation brings a few more tools and programming techniques:  alpha blending, send and receive and sub patchers vs. patchers  (embedded patches and separate file patches).

You have to work on this video and patch prior to the 22nd and we will spend no more than one hour altogether during next week class on wrapping up this assignment.  Afterwards we will move on to motion tracking.

all the best, lpd


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