Final Presentation.

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Dear IMers,

this friday’s presentation is shaping up…

For the groups that wish to use B1-1. I will come tomorrow thursday at 10:00 and also at 4:30pm. Lets meet in 1-11a, look at your projects and discuss your usage of this space. If we have many projects, we need to find a way to exhibit them back to back or alltogether. Nonetheless, prepare a plan B, to present on the 1st floor…or another space…

Friday’s schedule:

9:00 – 10+(ish) :  Set-up of the workstations. Getting your systems up and running.

There are two major waves of students. Year 1 in the morning and Year 2-4 in the afternoon. There will be refreshments at the auditorium level.

10+ – 17:00 (or more, TBD): Running your works.

We need at least one representative from each group to set-up and make sure your system is running in the early morning.  We also need at least one representative from each group to dismantle (especially if you have other equipments) at the end of the day.

If you can have a video (temporary is fine too) of your final project posted on OSS (category Gallery), it would be great.  We will also play your own emulations.  The OSS site will be installed on a workstation on the 1st floor for the visitors to browse thru.

keep on the good work !

Looking forward to friday!


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