Old is Gold


A couple of weeks back, we headed out to the thieves market to procure some materials to use for our project.

With an idea of a spider in mind, i went to get the parts. I obtained a what looked like a metal measuring tape thingy and some springs, screwdrivers, gears, spoons and a light bulb.

In class, piecing the project was enjoyable as it was a first using the hot glue gun. Even though things fell apart sometimes, it was kinda fun and satisfying to see the model forming together.

Eventually, the model turned out to be more like something out of a Star Wars movie…

Focusing on the “less is more” logic, i took out four of the eight legs, added two spoons to form the ears, threw in a tail and added in a trunk. TA-DA, what came out was a elephant!

IMG_4879 IMG_4878

I believe it was a fruitful experience as you have to come up with solutions to overcome the problems in building the model. Can’t wait to work on the next one!

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