Evocative Objects – Sound Design Preliminary Ideas

Evocative Objects

Project Brief

A new project which revolves around the creation of a sound artwork which couples with a physical everyday object found around school.


Creating a myriad of sound that plays / fills in the quietness from the moment a person puts a coin into a vending machine and when it dispenses out the item.

Vending Machine - Revamped on Behance:

Imagine when you press a button to call for that delicious beef burger you really want… the sound of a mooing cow is silenced suddenly by a sharp “Zing!” of a sharp metal knife…  Your beef burger then drops to the dispensing tray.

For this sound piece, i would like to emphasis on the problems of animal cruelty and global warming that we face globally. 


The link above brings you to a page in which shows how animals are treated cruelly and inhumanely in production factories. I believe that we consumers should at least have some knowledge and insight into where and how we are getting our food.


As this project is not something that i can achieve technically, I would like to head in the direction of interactive media.  I intend on illustrating a vending machine similar to the above picture and then maybe annotating buttons onto the machine so that when the user interacts with it, a sound will play alongside with the food dispensed.  As this is something new, i am excited about how it’ll turn out.

Inspirational Artworks

The Happiness Factory – Coca Cola Commercial 2007

An old but gold commercial which features the journey of how a coca cola bottle gets dispensed in a vending machine.  At first, i was planning on using this similar idea – creating a soundtrack that conveys a journey of the coke can. However, i believe that this is too expansive and that the sound has to relate to the object directly.

Wintergatan – Marble Machine

“if you had a machine like this in 1500… You would called a god of music or a wizard… ” – random Youtube comment

This video gives me this sort of magical and awestruck sensation every time i watch it. I was amazed by the fact that someone had the engineering capabilities to create such a product masterpiece and the fact that it produced such beautiful sounds with only the use of hand held rotor and marbles just seals the deal for me. This is a true inspiration so please check him out,

Dato Duo

As a fan of electro dance music, i love the sound of synthesizers. One thing that really inspired me from this product is the ease and simplicity of sound creation. Just a few pushes of the buttons and tweaking with the knobs, there you go. A really clean and solid soundtrack is produced. Kudos to the inventors.

Motions – Singapore Short Story


A short documentary about the life of my dad and the unique insights into his perspective of a society that is going through the motions.


(Please turn on subtitles/CC for a better viewing experience)

Challenges & Reflections

For this project, i wanted to convey my dad’s story through a short documentary film.  This is because i believe that he has many interesting stories he has when he was a kid and he would never fail to tell them to me over dinner. I chose film as the appropriate medium as the visual and audio narration encourages viewer retention through the story and flow of the film.

At the start, i really had difficulties in coming up with the concept of the documentary. Sure it was about the childhood stories of my dad but that was too general. My mental block lasted quite long until the second consultation with Michael. The project was then narrowed down and encouraged that a learning point or perspective was to be like a take-away from the video. That was when i started to go on the right track.

Sometimes when you have really no clue on what to do, the best thing to do is to start doing something. Anything. Some inspiration is bound to strike you when you are doing something. This happened to be while interviewing my dad. Before the interview, i wasn’t sure of how it was going to turn out. Unexpectedly, during the interview, i slowly started to see the flow of the film coming together. I was amazed that my dad managed to talk for 30 minutes without stopping! That was the turning point of the project.

I chose to make the film slightly longer as i wanted the audience to be engrossed in it. I wanted a slow and steady flow for the video with my dad telling his stories at the start and then followed by his perspectives on the change of quality of life at the back. 


I stumbled across cinemagraphs – still image with several moving elements
It has this really atmospheric and subtle vibe



Thought i could give it a try with Kampung scenes.

Thought it set the mood quite well!

Interview Questions

How was life like in the kampong as a kid?

Are there any interesting stories back then?

What are some of the things you miss from the old days?

Singapore has grown over the years so what are some of the changes you may or may not have issues with?

How are the changes affecting your life?

Were you happier in the past or the present?

How do you feel about the younger generation?

F. A. Q

Why is the video so long?

I wanted the audience to be fully engrossed and engaged in the film’s slow and steady pace.

Where do you get the kampung footage from?

I shot the footage from Kampung Buangkok. Some of the still black and white pictures were taken online to serve as  a visual stimulator for the story.

Why didn’t you use more visual imagery for the video?

I could not find any other old photos of my dad’s kampung life. These were all that i can scavenge.

Hope you enjoyed!

A trip to Waterloo & Esplanade


So Near Yet So Far, 2017 – Chan Jia Yu



Imagine an empty space filled with lines of white objects stacked neatly side by side just like dominoes.  From far they resemble tissue papers that were taken out of packets but upon closer inspection, they were actually folded plastic bags.  Occasionally there were a few rows of plastic that were “out of place”.

At first, i thought it was regarding the concern about the difficulties of  selling tissue papers in the corridors of flats.  However after realizing it was plastic bags, i thought that environment had something to do about the artwork. Maybe the lines of plastic had something to do with the large amount of waste that one building was producing and the failure to recycle.  The plain and dull flooring gave contrast to the linear arrangement of the plastic bags which captures the viewers attention.


After reading the artist’s explanation of the artwork, i felt that my impression of the work is considerably different. The artists focus on the aesthetics and physical qualities  of how a simple object like a plastic bag becomes trash after being used for its purpose.  Elements like wind and light also emphasis the beauty and flexibility of the plastic bag.

I believe a variation of scale and size of plastic bags will allow the work to be more dynamic and interactive with the natural elements. 


l(a leaf falls)oneliness, 2017 – Ila

The artwork depicts a green metal container conveniently located in a void deck.

Initially when i walked towards the area, i thought that the container was just there for construction works. Little did i know that that container was actually an artwork in disguise. BUT. there was something much more than that. There was in fact this small little peephole that the majority of us missed out. Refer to the picture again and do you notice the black taped region with a small hole in it??


There we go! This is what i missed out at first. A worker’s jumpsuit with an image of a migrant’s dormitory projected on it. 

My impression of this artwork heightened after the second time i visited the artwork, finally discovering what lies inside. This brings light to the problem that migrant workers are so much in our daily lives that we are oblivious to their problems and living conditions. Back when i visited their dormitory for  a school project in polytechnic, i could tell from the compact and musty environment, the workers are really living in poor conditions. However, they can’t do anything about it as they came to work and this is the only accommodation that they could afford.  

The artist managed to portray his thoughts who what so i believe in this artwork. This was one of the works that really interested me due to his unique way of leading the audience around.

The artist impression is a little different from mine as she wanted to emphasis the loneliness condition that some Singaporeans are facing. The metal container is somewhat a confined space for the viewer to experience their own form or interpretation of their own solitude. In fact, this is true in a sense that Singapore is a  fast-paced society. People are getting left behind and they cannot catch up. As a result, these people often fall in a state of loneliness and emptiness. 

This artwork seems to work for me and i cannot think of any other betters ways to improve. I really love how it blends into the surroundings. If the artist didn’t put a sign, i would have thought it was just construction work.last. So in fact he was 

Storyboard – Finale

Hey ya friends!

Project 1 has finally come to an end and i would like to say that it has been quite an interesting and thought-experimenting journey.I would like to say that my class people are one of the most creative people with their own personal style to their creations which results in diversity of work.

Coming to the storyboard,
The first picture shows James Van Graham as a boy sitting on the edge of the moon and stars… 


So… One day, James was searching the web which he didn’t know would get him into so much trouble. 

The sunflower at the background represents longevity and happiness which is actually a juxtaposition to his near future. 


Stumbling into the darkness of the deep web, James got entrapped into the hands of someone or something much more sinister…


Feeling that something was amiss, James decided to log out from the deep web. Just before he could shut down his computer, a white box popped up at the corner of the screen saying…


Feeling a sense of paranoia… James called out to his parents. Awhile later, His dad’s head stuck out the door at a weird angle, followed by his mom. Momentarily… a tall man dressed in a long cloak emerged from the darkness, holding on to the severed heads of the couple…



After completing the designs, I felt that this storyboard was more like individual posters symbolizing each scene rather than an actual storyboard itself. As such, the context of text becomes an important aspect in contributing to the flow of the story as without the text, the viewer may get lost.

In conclusion, i have learnt and seen many techniques through this project and i cannot wait to apply what i have learnt to my future projects!

Project 1B- Bedtime Stories


Project 1B

To create 3 characters, a storyline that links all the characters and a poster

Characters: Character 4 Character 3 Character 2 Character 1



I felt that this project was quite interesting as it acts like a sort of basis to spark of the creative mind to come up with storylines for the next project which is storyboarding. It was cool experimenting with the compositing process but i felt like the originality and complexity of the pictures could be further improved as most of the characters are just taken off the internet which would not do good in the future assignments.


Never let your dreams go because someday, it may come true


Victory is sweetest when you’ve known defeat


Don’t just go through motions in life, pay attention to your surrounds and think!


Appreciate the littlest things in life and do not take things for granted


At the start of this project, i felt very unmotivated as i was still waiting for inspiration to strike. As i started browsing through the web, slowly but surely little bits of inspiration started popping into my head like tiny light bulbs. Riding along this wave of motivation, i completed the pictures one after another while feeling a sense of satisfaction. However something seems to be lacking from the photos or so it seems…

Wish it came true!

Now you see me Now you don't IMG_4795

Now you see me
Now you don’t

Hi! my name is Chris, or some of you can call me Domopuff!
I studied Business & Social Enterprise back in Ngee Ann Poly before i came to ADM. I would love to learn more about film and animation as i believe it is one way to bring out the most in people’s emotions.
I would love to have the ability to teleport to any location at any point of time as this removes the limitations of travelling mediums.
Spending an evening dinner in Paris and a morning swim in the Maldives just before class doesn’t sound too bad right!