2D Project 3 : Ego – Process and Inspiration

Hullo once again! :3

I shall be going through my shaky- flip-floppy process of how i came about to my final product of 12 images 🙂

Last project; Leggo!!!!

psps this has nothing to do with my images ahha im just excited!!!!
psps this has nothing to do with my images ahha im just excited!!!!


OKIE So lets begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. The Struggle (to plan)

With No restraints at all, the first thing i thought of integrating was my interest for photography as well as weird aspects of me to project that alter -ego of mine or just different parts of myself.


and managed to narrow it down to these 4 instead!














































2. The Beginning (the fails)

I was kinda lost, to be honest. I had suggested my idea to Prof Ina and also told me to explore the realm of “Scanner  Art” in order create realistic but cool captures of images instead of just limiting myself in photography.

_img_0001 _img_0026_img_0016












_img_0022 _img_0023 _img_0024

Unfortunately, though the scans turned out really nice, they were pretty hard to manipulate as there was a fixed background and often the surfaces that weren’t pressed against the scanner would “Fade” off rather than have a rigid place for me to edit off.

I did try some really bad edits ^_^”””””. haha.


4d-ego-base c1










Like what even. So the first ones i made were pretty fail ><


3. The Discovery


Subsequently, i decided to take photos and edit them manually instead! SO most of them went like this :


These are the main parts that I felt were most important in my process! 😀


4. Inspiration

So here are some inspirations for my pieces ^_^

First off would be my scanner art ones that didnt really turn out as idea as I thought they would be but no worries.


Following that, i also went to look up on some of Prof Ina’s recommendations, one of which was Urs Fischer.

Most from the “Problem” project.


He used mainly objects to cover up people faces which was an element I really liked about his work.

I also tried to explore the means of replacing what we normally would see/except on our bodies or what we associate with it. (as we did in project 2.)


Some from Ashkan Honarvar’s “the Meat Project”

which were mostly morbid and dark…

These were later used for my Food themed one where i replaced my own head with piglet’s one~

a morphed piglet
a morphed piglet

As for time, my main inspirations came about mostly from the negative feelings i had towards it; trying to sum it all up in three pictures.


More violent/ thought provoking photos i felt would have more impact with regards to what i felt towards it.

llike this one

=> Decided to make more GIFs as to how i made my other final piece^_^




Alright that’s all for now! Look forward to my finals 😀  

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