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Image Making Through Type (Part 1 – Research)

For our first project, we are to create type of our own name or initials to describe a job. So I thought of starting the project by looking at some examples of what the outcome could be.

Some examples:

The word “olive” formed by elements of the fruit (

The word “French” formed by coffee powder (

Basically, we are to create a type of our name by using elements from a job. Like using the tools of an artist (paintbrush, palette, etc) to form my name as an artist. Or use the equipment of a doctor (stethoscope, thermometer, etc) to form my initials as a doctor.


Another way we are to look at this project and to help up with it is through a new term we learned in class: pareidolia. It is a condition where one perceives a pattern in random things. Like how we see objects formed by the clouds or the trees.

Examples of pareidolia:

Washing machine with a red cloth coming out forming a face, and a detached seatbelt looking like a face with the seatbelt strap being its tongue. (

But to relate pareidolia with the project, instead of seeing faces in items, we would have to look for letters and type in objects.

Some examples of pareidolia alphabets would be:

Alphabets formed by the different body parts (