Foundation Drawing | Assignment: Compositions (Ranked, Best/Worst)


Capture 30 varying compositions of one Still Life set-up. Rank the Top 10 Best compositions and Top 10 Worst compositions with supporting reason.



Best Composition 1 Reason: Stark contrasting tones allow drama, intentional cropping adds dynamism dramatic/enigmatic, hiding/revelation of objects

Best Composition 2 Reason: Balanced composition although objects are flushed left, light and dark tones are differentiated but work well together

Best Composition 3 Reason: Interesting aerial perspective, almost showcases all sides/faces, background textures and wires make for interesting subtleties

Best Composition 4 Reason: Close up tension, triangular object looks like its about to fall, wide range of light tones on object with only dark colours in shadows cast

Best Composition 5 Reason: Full inclusion of context due to background and model stand, there is balance in the sharp diagonal angles versus rounded surfaces

Best Composition 6 Reason: Interesting subtle tilt changes percetion of stability and context

Best Composition 7 Reason: Standard and stable composition, good balance of tones, mid/background adds to overall harmony

Best Composition 8 Reason: Similar to 7, but longer portrait framing, elongates and focuses more on objects

Best Composition 9 Reason: Extremely strong contrast in tone, objects stand out and seem to be floating yet hints of model stand can be seen to give dramatic, ominous context

Best Composition 10 Reason: Simple and straightforward layout




Worst Composition 1 Reason: Unintentional cropping visually distracts and causes discomfort, extreme tilt and misalignment

Worst Composition 2 Reason: Tall triangle plane cannot be perceived as 3-dimensional; seems flat

Worst Composition 3 Reason: Tall triangle plane cannot be perceived as 3-dimensional; seems distorted, distracting background; bad visual hierarchy

Worst Composition 4 Reason: Sphere element is hidden, focus on all subject is not balanced or well-differentiated

Worst Composition 5 Reason: Background and foreground tones clash

Worst Composition 6 Reason: Composition is flat and staged, tall triangle plane cannot be perceived as 3-dimensional

Worst Composition 7 Reason: Busy background distracts from subject, tall triangle plane is flat; vastly different tonal qualities from the others

Worst Compositions 8 Reason: Busy background distracts from subject, model stand is cropped haphazardly

Worst Composition 9 Reason: Tall triangle plane cannot be perceived as 3-dimensional, busy background, no visual hierarchy of subjects

Worst Composition 10 Reason: Model stand is cropped haphazardly, tonal range for subject is limited

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