Foundation 4D | In-class Exercise: Framing

Symmetrical Balance

Medium shot of the back paneling of television monitor displaying mirrored positioning of bolts and screws.

Asymmetrical Balance

Medium shot of two different chair types with varying designs and heights.

Form Cutting/Shape & Form

Close up of an easily-identifiable computer mouse even though only part of its minimalistic features are revealed.

Filling the Frame

Close up of the only organic and living item (besides humans) inside the room, tucked away quietly in a hidden corner.

Frames within Frame

Medium shot of table legs and frames that form repetitive doorways.

Forced Visual Relationship

Medium shot of a hand seemingly picking up a classmate by her head.

Horizontal Lines

Leading lines formed by the pathway transcends through and leads to human subjects standing at varying distances.

Vertical Lines

Straight pillars, markings, shadows and dirt align vertically at the back of the room.

Diagonal Lines

Railings of the staircase add a sense of rhythm and implied motion to the subject’s movement.

Curvilinear Lines

The organic architecture and fountain pathways of the building converge to a natural point.

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