Foundation 4D | Project 4: Meaningful Exchange (Task 3)

Title of Workpiece: What Suzy says about Sally says more about Suzy than Sally

The title is as such to reiterate the point of having so many words in a conversation that can mean nothing at all, such as slander and meaningless, biased rumours pumped into conversations in social settings.

If the video above does not load, kindly find the same via this link:

Topic of Discussion: Rumours-spreading, talking behind people’s back, disloyalty

Process: Audience are invited to listen to audio tracks on supplied devices and enact the instructions given onto the artist. It is entirely up to them to comply, deviate or reject the instructions. Actions include pouring cold water, pinching, kissing, slapping, cutting garments, throwing flour, shooting rubber bands.

Objective: To bring across the point of how it is only human nature to talk and judge others and it is not a fault. Since we cannot control what we hear, we can do our best to consciously control how we react to it.

When we hear a rumour, do we spread it, reinforce it, check it, let it die or keep quiet about it? Why do we continue to comply with what we’ve heard, even though we know it hurts or makes the victim uncomfortable? Why do we exclaim that it is wrong/bad, but still continue doing it? Why did no one stop or refuse to act on the tasks? What happens if the tables were turned and they had to inflict the action upon themselves; would they be more hesitant? When does it stop?

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