In the style of: Diane Arbus and her Spooky Twins

Long before she killed herself in 1971 at the age of 48,  the photographer Diane Arbus told a friend she was afraid that she would be remembered simply as “the photographer of freaks.”

Today in the modern world, that’s exactly how she is remembered for her searing, photographs of people of all walks. Especially those deviant and marginal people, or people whose normality seems surreal.

One of her most famous photographs is the Spooky Twins as shown below and as such I found it intriguing that two identical twins taken in the photographs would be so sinister. Almost evil-like. There has been several early adaptations before this picture but I really love how Diane managed to capture the vibe at almost a simple composition.

I had my 2 niece and nephew to help me posed as it was really hard to find anyone that is twins. So in modern time and (thankfully for the powers of photoshop) hopefully I managed to replicate the feels and vibe of the original picture. Had them dressed up with our traditional Malay clothing which is the baju kurung for special occasions like Hari Raya Aidilfitri and family gatherings much like the western when they wear formal clothings for photo taking.


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