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VC Project 2: Part 1 (Visual Research)

The poster is communicating a Pool Party happening on the 18th of October 2013.

The emotions the poster elicit are joy, whimsicality, and excitement.

The poster is captivating firstly due to the use of colour, a large bright pink patch on dark blue. Next the use of the large ice popsicle image is simple and eye catching. The melted pink ice cream further conveys the idea of wetness and splashing of the pool party. It generates interest because it is linked to the idea of refreshing, and fun, like eating an ice popsicle. Readability is definitely there as it is extremely straightforward the date in the ice cream splash and the rest of the details in blocks underneath.

I really like the approach of this poster. It’s different, it does not show anything about a pool or party, but the imagery instantly make me think of fun and joy, the type of party I would want to go for.