VC Project 2: Part 2 (Research and Developement)

After doing visual research for part one of the project, I got inspired and came out with a few concept which I did in A5 sketches.

The first one (on the left) was supposed to be some sort of photography and illustrations overlaid on it. It was simple, very simple, and very safe idea. The second one (on the right) was an abstract idea. Like I thought ok let’s not do anything to do with arts or health, just something happy, thus, sunflowers. However, Micheal and the class feedback that it was a bit too simple, which I agreed, thus, I had to complicate the idea, make it more surrealistic. I wasn’t that interested in this idea, thus, I just decided not to pursue it.

The third idea (on the left) was a very literal idea, brush to represent “arts” and apple to represent “health”. This was supposed to be photographic. It was so boring that it’s not really worth mentioning BUT it did lead to my final and best idea. The fourth idea (on the right) was inspired by the third idea. It was kinda like an idea of a sort of fiesta, with movement, liveliness and happiness. The fiesta with the dance, music, and art (brush) represents the “arts” part and the apple headed humans were abstract representations of “health”. At this stage I was purely thinking of imagery, and not slogans as I am not as good with words.

It was also inspired by several posters I saw in my research:

Thus, I started digitalising my work. Here are some preliminary sketches:

Due to the fiesta nature of my poster, I decided to go ahead with the slogan of “It’s Arty Time” among the list of slogans I came out with.

This is the first draft presented in consultation. I already thought through difference composition in the sketch process, thus, I didn’t do much experimenting with composition in the illustrating process. Each character was illustrated specially to fit the space I placed it in. Thus, moving them around was not an option.

However, during consultation, Micheal gave me some good feedback in terms of rearranging the position of the character in the bottom right corner, playing up the size and position of the “It’s Arty Time”, playing the poster to it’s full strength of whimsicality.

There was many shifts and edits of the characters, to fit everything in in the process, but was mostly small shifts in spaces.

This is the close to the final draft of the poster:

After the illustrations were done, it was the colouring in.

This is my first colour palette.

However, there was many problems in this one such as the lack of contrast and the fighting dominant forms.

Thus, more experimentation was done:

Another alternative colour scheme I explored but deemed a bit too arty for the target audience of the general public in the hospital:

As I slowly settled the colour scheme and cleaned up the illustrations, I finally completed my final product, which will be in the next post.

VC Project 2: Part 1 (Visual Research)

The poster is communicating a Pool Party happening on the 18th of October 2013.

The emotions the poster elicit are joy, whimsicality, and excitement.

The poster is captivating firstly due to the use of colour, a large bright pink patch on dark blue. Next the use of the large ice popsicle image is simple and eye catching. The melted pink ice cream further conveys the idea of wetness and splashing of the pool party. It generates interest because it is linked to the idea of refreshing, and fun, like eating an ice popsicle. Readability is definitely there as it is extremely straightforward the date in the ice cream splash and the rest of the details in blocks underneath.

I really like the approach of this poster. It’s different, it does not show anything about a pool or party, but the imagery instantly make me think of fun and joy, the type of party I would want to go for.