Project 3 Research and Process

Chosen Value: Punctuality  

Initial Ideas of representation: Things that represent Time Eg. Watch, Grandfather Clock, Hourglass

ResearchI liked how the inverted of the opposite value represented the chosen value.

I liked how there’s implied movement based on the positioning of the basic shapes.



Based on using the idea of choosing something that’s opposite of punctuality, a few ideas came to mind:

  1. Being late when falling in,
  2. Missing a flight,
  3. Hourglass that has more sand at the bottom.

In-cooperating  ideas 1 and 3,  a hourglass outline with helmets representing sand. The helmets on the bottom half of the hourglass are arranged in columns of threes with one empty spot. One lone helmet is left at the top of the hourglass that is tilted to represent the helmet tumbling down. Lines converging to the middle of the hour glass were used to guide the viewer’s eyes to the ‘action’ of the poster (the sole helmet tumbling down). Finally, the text, Punctuality, was placed in the empty spot in the squad formation to conclude the ‘story’ of the poster.

Basic Shapes Used:

Straight lines for the leading lines.

Curve lines for the outline of the hourglass and helmet patterns.

Semi-circle for the helmets.

Ellipses for the patterns in the helmet.

Final Poster Design

Color Selection:

Initially, the old SAF color scheme was used.However, after some feedback, the new SAF color scheme was chosen instead as it was more relevant and was easier to match the background colors. 

Red was used for the font and leading lines as it is the complimentary color of the green helmets, thus creating a larger dynamic range.

White was used to draw attention to the hourglass since our eyes are attracted to white spaces first.

Experimentation of Colors:



Philographics, big ideas in simple shapes

Project 1: Six Emotions Mark Making

Emotion #1: Anger

Anger; a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. Personally, anger is an emotion I suppressed inwardly. However, when a line is crossed and I lose my sense of self-control, anger comes out explosively. When this happens, regret is also felt for showing my temper. Interestingly, I don’t remember the reasons for getting angry.

Emotion #2: Sorrow

Sorrow; a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune suffered by oneself or others. Personally, sorrow comes together with the feeling of hatred against the object of disappointment. This object of disappointment is usually in the ‘self’. An intense struggle that reproaches the ‘self’ for the bad decisions made and done.

Emotion #3: Anxiety

Anxiety; a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Personally, when I am anxious, my mind is busy with thoughts of the various ways and methods to rectify the root of my worries. In anxiety, there’s a focus of trying to fix the issue but at the cost of neglecting others.

Emotion #4: Nostalgia

Nostalgia; a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past. Personally, nostalgia gives me a warm fuzzy feeling of comfort even if I am the only who could recall that one particular memory among friends. It’s a good reminder as it brings to mind the importance of life.

Emotion #5: Confidence

Confidence; the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. Personally, confidence is being secure and firm even through the uncertainties of life. It comes from the hope to know that eventually all things will work out.

Emotion #6: Serenity

Serenity; the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. Personally, the feeling of ease comes when I can relax around and do seemingly meaningless activities. However, serenity is often quick and temporal just like the calm before the storm as reality sets in with the busyness of life and there’s no time to relax.

Process & Reflection


For this emotion, a sponge is used to print the crosshatch patterns by stamping the sponge on its edge. A larger force is used to express a stronger and harsher emotion of anger. The soft surface of the sponge is also used to smudge the black paint to express the explosive nature of anger. The sponge is also used to gently smudge the crosshatching in a downward motion to express regret.


The sponge is used for this art piece. Similar to the art piece of anger a diagonal crosshatch pattern is created by stamping the sponge on its edge. Lesser force is used to achieve a lighter tone. The sponge is also used to smudge the crosshatching in an upwards motion to express a tinge of resentment.

AnxietyThis art piece was created using my index finger as the tool for mark making. It was created without any plans and solely created based on the current state of emotion I was feeling which was anxiety. This was the last emotion of the six where I was anxious as I have ran out of inspiration to create the final emotion. In this current state of mind, I started smudging paint at one spot with my finger tip and started to leave more curvy strokes that is seemingly pointing towards the direction of the spot. I continue to add more curve strokes to represent the multiple activities of thoughts running in my mind in my state of anxiousness.

Nostalgia A sponge is used in this emotion by printing the sponge on its smooth flat surface. One edge of the sponge is intentionally coated with more paint to create more distinctive vertical lines which represents the stability I felt in nostalgia. The prints of a sponge gives off a blurry texture which represents flashbacks  and memories of the past.

ConfidenceThe toothbrush was used to draw the diagonal lines on one half of the paper. The lines are intentionally drawn to create a triangle in the white area of the paper. The paper is folded into half to create a symmetry which represents order and a ‘X’ with a point of convergence at the center representing certainty and hope. The upside down triangle represents inbalance while the upright triangle represents stability and security I felt in uncertainties.


This art piece was created by accident when I was trying to wipe of drops of ink on the table with a blank piece of paper.  The smudges gave me an impression of calm due to the light tones. I used the toothbrush to add in ‘X’ marks in the empty spaces to represent hints of a storm beneath the calmness in my interpretation of serenity.



As a person who is used to do things by a systematic and logical manner, I found it challenging to think out of the box when it comes to art. I felt that there was always a limitation in creating an intentional art piece. From this project, I realised that the nature of art correlates with the nature of the artist. If the artist doesn’t venture out of his comfort zone, the art pieces he creates tends to be more rigid. Likewise, the emotion of the art piece the artist creates is reflecting of his emotion in his creation. I found that I liked and enjoyed the process of the creation of anxiety and serenity more so than the planned pieces of anger, sorrow, confidence and nostalgia. This project has indeed given me new perspective in approaching art.