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Pandora’s Box: Half

My word is “half”.

I looked up the definition of “half” and it basically means dissecting something equally into two. Hence, I decided to play with length, width, void and lastly, the density at the end.




 I decided that I like Model 1 the most, so I made some changes to make Model 1 better. I then decided to play with void and half the void.FINAL MODEL

I really wanted to play with texture and the density of the materials I used. The texture of rough cement versus the smooth wood.

Also, the density of wood [800kg/m^3] is roughly half of cement [1600 kg/m^3], again playing with the idea of “half”.



There are two applications: large scale and small scale. Large scale is a DJ booth and small scale is a phone charger.




Photo references: [DJ guy] [iPhone charging]