Soundscape Assignment II

This will be the image that I will be using for my soundscape assignment. It depicts a scene where 2 man breaks into a computer store to steal a laptop in order to proceed on their journey. The audio above is rendered for speaker output.   The audio above is rendered for headphone output. *Self recorded audios = Dialogues between… Read more →


After decided the style for my zine, I proceeded with the look and design of my zine. Instead of the normal zine where everyone is making and creating, I decided to make my zine in the most interactive way possible even if it is in 2d form. The cover I came up with for my zine. I did not really… Read more →


Idea(s) and theme(s) for Zine (Research) Titles that I came up with for my zine: Minimalist Joel’s Zine Amazine My Zine When creativity strikes Toodee I decided to choose ‘Amazine‘ as the title for my zine.   Here are some research ideas that I have look up to: The idea for my zine revolves between the style of minimalist and… Read more →


Here are my final works, photographed after the presentation: The reason why I have this composition of a child in the tree is because I feel that papers are originally from trees. A tree can be made into many papers. These thin layers of sheets simply represent the skins of a tree that was sliced away for our human use.… Read more →


Everything will be done Digitally, here are my WIP works: Paper from the point of view of a tree is skin Over laying (blend) an image of a child onto a layer of tree texture. Tweaking to make the child look more like it is from the tree. (something like living within the tree) After colour adjustment for enhanced dramatic feel. Paper from the point of view of money is tattoo Replacing the actual human back with a layer… Read more →


Point Of View – 6 chosen ideas for panels Paper from the point of view of a tree is skin Paper from the point of view of money is tattoo Paper from the point of view of an artist is a crime scene Paper from the point of view of a stone is victory Paper from the point of view of pencil is ice skating Paper from the point of view of a shoe is an irritating sweet wrapper Research images: Paper from the point of view of a tree is skin   I feel that paper is like the skin of a tree. Hence the idea for this phrase will be some sort going towards a mixture of human and a tree. Paper from the point of view of money is tattoo   A piece of $100 without any inks on it,… Read more →


Final outcome/presentation for my 4 panels: SIMPLE Think simple, do simple, look simple. CYCLIST Rides are organised at night, all I hear is the chain rubbing against the gears as I rotate. RISK TAKER Big risk, big reward. Small risk, small reward. My mommy told me not to play with fire but I did. Big risk, no reward. CLEAR MINDED Think… Read more →


2D Assignment 01 Aim : The aim of this project is to use typography as an end in itself, minimizing supporting imagery. Conceptually driven solutions and letter forms are combined with literal or abstract images to express the intended message. The outcomes address either materials, the process or a result of using specific media and technique. 6 values of myself : messy,… Read more →

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