Pitcheroos 2.

Pitch 1


For an individual project, I would develop an isometric pixel horror RPG based on the theme of escapism. Would definitely include gore.

Funds for the idea would be used to purchase commercial licenses for required assets, as well as any commercial plugins that may be needed.

Pitch 2


If I had a budget of 5 million, I would start up a PC game development company. Singapore has a market for mobile game development, but not for console or PC.

I would hire a team to develop an indie game for Steam and PC.

Pitch 3

For a paired project, I would develop a 3D puzzle game set in a space station. You play as an astronaut trapped in this space station.

The budget of $500 would be used to outsource the 3d modelling (if possible, as that is too little). If not, it will be used to purchase commercial licenses for necessary assets.

One thought on “Pitcheroos 2.”

  1. OK, all pitches sounds good and all are doable (!). To convince, for each, you need to develop supporting material, such as a timeline (network diagram is preferred) and more detailed idea of the budget ($$ and workhours). Background references are also essential, and (for more business-oriented ideas) a clear idea of the target audience.

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