Semester Project Concept Rough Draft

Jonathan, Yihan, Wendy

Presentation Date: 18th November 2014

Concept 1: 

By translating the intensity level of the game into the music/visual, it allows us to make the game itself more exciting.

We will be expanding the idea on the game of twister by incorporating 4×6 spots available places for the players to place their hands and feet upon. There will be 4 different colours on the game itself that each represent a particular note/beat/sound and each time a player places his or her hand on the spot (triggering the sensor), the beat is played out in repetition.  The more people play this game the “noisier” it gets…..We were also exploring other potential ways to intensify the game such as 1) more spots that occupied the tempo of the beat increases 2) The colours that are located at the hard to reach places would also generate an intense beat 3) increase the number of colours on the board itself….(perhaps more suggestions)


We derived the idea based on a video that was previously shown in class “the Bubblegum Sequencer”


Concept 2:

We will be cutting different types of fruit that will help produce different beats/sounds/notes when placed on a board (similar to the the gum ball idea). The possible sensors we will need would include weight sensors and camera above in order to make comparisons of the ripeness, weight, shape, color etc of the fruit.


We derived the idea from this “Noisy Jelly” idea whereby the users can produce different sounds by touching jelly (the notes are differentiated by the different colors and shapes of the jelly produced)

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