Emulation Project: Sound in a Bottle

Student Project Team:

-Jonathan Ming Chun Yu (IEM/4)
-Li Yihan (IEM/4)


This is our Student Emulation Project which allows users to play a pre-recorded sound bite/music when the “cap” is removed from the bottle itself. We applied the concept of┬ámotion sensor we learnt in class to be able to detect the caps itself. Hope you enjoy it!

Description Of Emulation:

By assigning different musical melodies to liquors stored in a bar. Whenever a bottle cap or even the bottle is removed from its original locations, music will play in its place. The combinational effect if this was applied across multiple bottles would be entertaining and would be ideal for bar games and to lighten the mood when you have a group of people gather together.

Let’s say for example we apply this in a practical situation, when specific types of alcohol such as┬áVodka and Martini are removed at the same time, you will have something like a James Bond’s voice murmuring ‘Vodka and Martini, shaken not stirred’ as well as the iconic James Bond tune playing after he says those phrases.

Here is the source inspiration of our emulation project entitled “Bottlogue”, the original source is very similar to our final emulation.

One thought on “Emulation Project: Sound in a Bottle”

  1. This emulation have a very similar concept to my group’s zen video.

    Realised how human can find activities that are almost similar to be so much more interesting when you change the elements they are interacting with.

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