3D II 001 Submission – ONCE UPON A SCENT

001 Once Upon A Scent 

Final Submission for 3D II Proj 1:


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The Making:


  1. Initially, I have cut and gently curved coils of plastic into a heart shape. I liked it and I wanted to preserve its shape because it had a sense of completeness and wholeness on it’s own and it seemed like it didn’t need much extension to the existing structure.



2. From the side, interesting voids could be observed. SO would be the 2 stands of spikes poking and interacting with the voids giving dyamanics.



3. From an alternative view, the SO sticking out seemed rather plain and sparse and didn’t give much contrast. Hence, taking advice from Ms Cheryl, I have added more of that to create a more obvious contrast! 🙂



4. To further improve my idea, I have thought of ideas for its application. To maintain coherence with the theme, I thought of using it as a air refreshener to release aroma into living spaces 🙂 The design is rather small and it would be appropriate to put at most places.


Attached to my sculpture is a handmade base, which can be turned round to view it at all angles.

(I video-ed this down but I can’t upload it on OSS ._.)




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  1. Great that you thought of possible applications for your sculpture Candy! Wasn’t expecting that. You can ask Tisya how to upload short videos on OSS. She has done it before. The rotating base is a good idea too. I personally feel that there still can be MORE spikes in your Final model.

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