For this project, I picked the movie: Suicide Squad (2016)



This movie is very recent, so I remember clearly the few really bad/sick yet powerful quotes:

 “We’re BAD guys, it’s what we do”
 “Oh i’m not gonna kill ya, i’m just going to hurt ya. Really, really bad.”
 “Let’s go save the world.”
 “I can’t wait to show you my toys.”
It wasn’t easy to work on these movie quotes as there is high tendency to be literal in the expression of the quotes ): I was stuck with a few failed drafts before I finally started working on better pieces!






^ By the second week, these were what I only have. Really bad, I didn’t know what I wanted ):
Then, we had to print transparencies for our draft to do silkscreen on our tote bags!!!



Never tried it before, and it was really fun! And accomplishing to have a tote bag of your own design smile Then moving on to producing more and improved designs!












I liked that I was making improvement and being closer to finalising the project 🙂 But, I didn’t like the last few designs as they were either too simple and too messy. They weren’t appropriate. I continued with more







I especially liked this last design the most, it gives a very clean and modern look yet with a deep meaning: A man well dressed up in a suit may give the appearance of a kind gentleman, but who knows, he may just harbour evil thoughts (represented by the cow/goat skull as the head) and plans to do harm to you instead? We don’t know who he is or where he is, he may be just anyone around us? And that is why I didn’t give a definite shape to his body. (a hint as to his unknown identity around us)


I am overall pleased with my final work, I hope all of you enjoy my process as well. The final works will be in a separate post.