Shut-Out Assembly

First cut/assembly of the film. 
Will have to rework the general pacing as well as cut down some dialogue that doesn’t seem to work well.
Mother’s voice has yet to be recorded too.
Much more to be done!

Shut-Out Screenshots

Currently in the last leg of edit for the final scene.
Hope to get something out soon!

Meanwhile, here’s some teaser shots.
Wound is looking pretty realistic with some AE.


Acting Rehearsal Shut-Out

End of page 1 to end of page 2 (when he dials his mother)

Scene Synopsis

This excerpt mainly depicts how James (main protagonist), deals with a confusing and strange situation that interrupts his daily regime.

I chose this scene as the scene requires a lot of major underlying transition of emotions and realizations that are somewhat tricky to portray through the simple actions required.  

Here is a breakdown of the scene’s activities and emotional state:

  1. The scene starts with the James taking a break from a high intensity computer game session, opening a packet drink. His mind is still in the game that just ended, thinking how the hell he just lost.
    • Anger and frustration must be seen from the way he opens the drink packet and retrieves the straw. 
  2. He hears thumps from the wall and gets agitated. Coupled with the adrenaline from the game, the anger from the loss and the loud Japanese pop music in the background, he flares up at the neighbour, taking it out on the wall between them.
    • Anger has to be a sudden burst from the surface of a calm exterior, taking it out on the spacebar to mute the music first, before ramming the wall. 
  3. He expects a thumping competition to go on between them, but hears a weak cry for help instead, calming his nerves instantly. A sudden compassion and concern grip him.
    • The strange response makes him put aside his anger momentarily but it is still reflected on his face.
  4. Thinking that it might be a prank though, he lets go of the feelings of compassion  and decides to screw it, going back to his daily activities.
    • The idea of “screw it, this is a scam, i’m retarded to actually believe for a moment” must be prevalent in the way he goes back to his computer activities 
  5. After some thought though, the idea that it might actually not be a prank grips him and he decides to give the neighbour a second chance, ready to cash in on the revenge if his feelings are cheated.
    • Still apprehensive, eager to release the kraken if his feelings are cheated, an excuse to release his pent up rage from the various sources (Game and annoying thumps) he gives does a double take and gives the neighbour a benefit of a doubt, hoping to ensnare him. 
  6. However, the weak voice calls out for him a second time and James gets more drawn into the situation out of his frustration, curiosity eggs him forward.
    • Forgets his previous ulterior motives and genuinely wants to understand the situation
  7. After acquiring the vague and strange realization that the neighbour might actually be dying, his first reaction is to pull in his dear mother’s help as always.
    • Confusion and lost, first instinct: mother

The scene only requires a table, a chair (gaming station) and a wall. Packet drinks, computer keyboard and phone can be simulated. Blocking only involves travelling to the wall approx 2 meters away, back to the station, ending back at the wall again.

Thoughts on The English Surgeon


The story idea was indeed really strong, and the opening made the audience much more interested by piquing their curiosity with the carpenter sequence. “I like to work with my hands” and the like. One surely did not anticipate a film on neurosurgery. The film was long, however very engaging through the many adrenaline-pumping moments and contrasted breathing spaces in the story. Neither too draggy nor too tiring to watch, a good balance. Watching how the doctor overcame the odds and sometimes giving in the hopelessness was a good contrasted perspective of the situation, as one who brings hope to the hopeless, sometimes hope is truly salvageable.

There were certain sequences which were particularly interesting when the two doctors “interviewed” each other, throwing each others questions for the audience to understand them better. A bit odd, but somewhat engaging. The part where the doctor had a voice-over throughout a pretty polished sequence was somewhat eye-raising too, considering the possibilities of being scripted to add on to the story falsely. A noteworthy idea.

All it all, twas a great film. Considering how masterfully the balance of concept and direction of the story was sculpted, truly enjoyable and educational film on all ends.



I really loved the shots that were used in the film, especially Marian’s sequence, regarding his pre-surgery everyday life. It really captured the sense of loneliness and disjointed reality as he come to terms with the risks and possible loss of life. There were some shots in his house which were really good. The less polished hospital shots showed a stark contrast with the peaceful, slow-moving pace of the everyday russian life, mostly wide shots. There was a stronger element of raw-ness and the idea of being trapped, with the way the shots were much tighter and always holding longer than expected on certain individuals, pulling out their emotions for the audience on a platter.



The use of music was not overbearing, yet tasteful, tailored specifically to the edit. The story was further supported but not lead by the music, which really gave the entire film so much more than being a cheesy eely feely film on death.

Shut-Out Character back stories and Logistics

Actors required:

  • James (main protagonist)
    • An Otaku of 26 years old, unemployed, full-time gamer who is 100% reliant on his mother for life support from the comfort of his gaming throne. An uncaring individual who games from day to night, screaming vulgarities and savagery at noobs all day long. Little do we know that there is a sliver of humanity and compassion left in him through this encounter.
  • Jeremy
    • A slightly older man in his mid 30s who has already lost the meaning of life. Lost the love of his life to cancer, lost the will to live to depression and has been struggling with his meaning of life ever since. He slits his wrist on a regular basis in a bid to relief the overwhelming pain that he cannot endure, cutting deeper everytime in hopes that he might actually accidentally die. He finally meets death’s door, but is suddenly caught by the fear of death, giving him the desperation to live again.
  • Mother (voice only)
    • A naggy, mother who truly cares for her son to the point of spoon-feeding him, although she seems otherwise from her constantly annoyed speech-patterns.
  • 2 Paramedics

Locations required:

  • Otaku Room w curtains
  • Toilet
  • Kitchen
  • Main door/Corridor

Props required:

  • Various Anime/game related posters and/or figurines if possible
  • 6 pack drink packet and 2 packs worth of empty cartons.
  • Computer
  • Headphone with mic
  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Shower head
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Razors
  • Blanket
  • Med Box
  • Bandages
  • Blood