Video Games and Computers Holding Power, Sherry Turkle

It is always very interesting to go back to when the digital age was forming and just about ready to take shape into what we know it as today. What we today see as being mundane tasks, everyday tools or entertainment that we couldn’t possibly be without simply didn’t exist some odd 30-40 years ago. […]

INTER-MISSION: The Lapse Project

Singapore has undergone remarkable and to an extent almost impossible changes since the nations conception. As the country progresses into the future and develops, what happens to the relationships that the citizens have to the former monuments of Singapore? In The Lapse Project, INTER-MISSION effectively “erases” the familiar landmarks of the nation with a multi-dimensional […]

“T,ED” – Transformations, Emotional Deconstruction

“A celebration of communication” – Sean Hathaway There is a reason inanimate objects have a huge roll in horror films and nightmares of every average human child – they are terrifying when they come alive and convey some form of emotion. Another relatively scary place is the internet. Most of the times, you won’t come […]

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