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Interpreting the theme of distant bodies with the sun as a celestial body, Personal Sun seeks to explore the relation of man and the sun – two very distant bodies.

Personal Sun is a lamp that rotates to always be shining upon its user. 

By symbolising a sun revolving around the user, the lamp provides a twist on conventional light therapy as a treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression which can arise from the lack of natural light during winter days. 


Software: Arduino

Hardware (Components):

  • 4x AA 1.5V batteries (to power servo)
  • 1x 9V battery + toggle switch (to power Arduino)
  • 3 x Light dependent resistor / LDR (input)
  • 1x Servo motor (output)
  • 1x Push button switch (input)
  • 1x LED Strip (output)


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I would prefer if the light source was much brighter and stronger and could light up the whole acrylic circle. As it stands, the LED strip is bright and vibrant, but the nature of LED lights being separate and jarring just meant that I had to diffuse them, which sacrificed some of the brightness and vibrance and could not light up the acrylic circle.

An extension of the project could be instead of a lamp, having a big light source that is so bright and vibrant that can still track a user and cast shadows of them behind.

An example of the visuals/ aesthetic of the light source could be as the Halo Lamps by Mandalaki, while an example of shadows cast could be like Multiple Shadow House by Olafur Eliasson, but in warm tones.

Mandalaki designs Halo Edition lights to be "an art object"

Mandalaki Halo Lamps

Multiple Shadow House by Olafur Eliasson



It was surprisingly unexpected to me that wiring would be the biggest problem of my project. My box was actually way too tiny to house an Arduino, Breadboard and servo motor but I wanted everything to be able to be packed inside it as well as for the box to still be small and proportionate.

So as I shifted my device around, the wires got loose, and I had to rewire everything in an even more streamlined and space-efficient manner. I even had to re-solder my LED strips thrice just because I kept facing problems with it (and the soldering iron was really quite terrible). Thankfully third time’s the charm!

At least from this project I’ve learnt the importance of good wiring and proper circuit planning! 

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