Telematic Embrace – Adobe Connect in class


I spy with my little eye… something bright.

Your smile. AYYYY.

I had my very first Adobe Connect experience in class yesterday. I never knew it could it so much fun to be doing a live webcam with my classmates! HAHA, now I can spy on them without having to fear that I will make any accidental eye contact. First and foremost, I experienced first-hand how efficient Adobe Connect works. It facilitates hosting, sharing and collaboration from anywhere, anytime, even on mobile devices!

Okay now, my most favourite part of the activity. I really enjoyed this segment a lot. During this time, the instruction was to flash any photo from our image gallery.

This is what we ended up having:

A screen full of bits and pieces of everyone’s life.

Each frame has a story to tell. And behind every photo, it holds a close depiction of one’s personality or interest. It could perhaps be a snippet from their everyday lives – which I found really intriguing. It has only been 3 weeks since class started. Through these images which were carefully selected from all of their photo album, I get a chance to peek in at what goes down in their life.

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