Etching prints: Complexity in Simplicity

This work was THE most time consuming work for this module. The difficulty of controlling the etching needle coupled with the complex detailed pattern required so much focus and work. I wanted it to be as precise as possible.

My inspiration: Bug videos on YouTube. I was inspired by a bee hive. The operations in a beehive may seem busy, complex and messy, but in fact, they have an organised system that allows them to create beautiful (albeit trypophobic-inducing) honey comb patterns.

Hence, I used the structure of the honeycomb, and filled them with different patterns that I got inspiration from Japanese intricate patterns.

Here are my prints:


First print above. Didn’t like how it was uneven at the top edge. Also, some details were not showing.

Second and final print above. Yessss! Love the even colour distribution across the pattern. I also scratched out more material before this print to get some of the details to show better. Turned out great! It’s now displayed in my bedroom 🙂


The process:


Feeling great! Excited to see the end product


What did I get myself into………………………………………………….. Around 4 hours to get to this stage. I spent quite some time experimenting with the needle. What’s the best way to hold the needle? Which angle for less strain on my thumb? For straight lines?


Regretting my life choices… Stayed up real late to do this. But they weren’t deep enough to get the print nice and dark.


finally………….. i think i only slept 3 hours before art class that day…. ok but to be fair, i did procrastinate sooooo….

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