iLight 2k19

Halo by Michael Davis

Halo is a series of kinetic sculptures stationed at Esplanade Park that react to touch with sound and light. They assume the form of halo-like rings that are stacked in a sequence of dynamic sizes and light up and dim as if breathing or convulsing like a sonic wave.

There is single frequency tone that plays from each sculpture, and changes as you touch other rings. The light on the rings also brighten when you touch them.

The intention of this installation is to create a link between the audience member of the past and the audience member of the future. It is almost as if they are interacting with each other indirectly, which is fascinating in theory considering it is bridging interaction between time in other words. There is also a child-like sensation of discovery when interacting with these simple mechanisms that are colourful and dystopian like the trees in the film Annihilation. It reminds me of the indirect kisses that you experience through sharing a straw with a friend.

Diagram of Halo‘s mechanics:

Transporta by Pixels

Transporta is an experience that brings you through a figurative journey of the big bang theory. The experience follows the audience member through a series of rooms that represent different stages of the big bang, making him feel like a particle or an insignificant piece of matter in a much more gargantuan phenomenon.

Follow through these clips:

Password: iamone

My fondest part of the series is the last room that allows us to paint on the wall with our hands (ref. to gif), as if we are disintegrating into many small particles. The interface also simulates the natural physics of space and inertia. When flung, the particles continue to throw themselves as means of mimicking the forces of inertia even after your hands leave the surface.

Diagram of the room’s mechanics: